Kabi wa Jesus and his wife Milly flew to Singapore in February this year, during Valentines, so that they could conceive their third born.

The couple arrived at the decision because they had agreed to have their children two years apart and their second born was nearly turning to two.

It however took Kabi effort to convince his wife to agree to have another baby with him.

“Please have a baby for me. The reason I am asking is that you sacrifice a lot as a woman and the fear of carrying a baby to term, I know we’ve never thought of doing this, I just wanted to do it as a journey, but I want to request you because I don’t know fi you will ever be ready. Will you be pregnant for me?” he pleaded with Milly in a video that was shared on their YouTube channel.

The mother of two eventually agreed to Kabi’s request, saying that that will be their last child.

“I know we wanted five kids, but I feel three is enough after experiencing two. To be honest there is that thing you feel like when you become pregnant you put your dream son on hold. Honestly, I always have that fear when we become pregnant,” she said.

Before they left the country for Singapore, they visited the doctor for the birth control that Milly was using to be removed.

In a recent interview, during the premier of Toxic movie by Jackie Matubia, the couple shared an update about their journey to getting a third born.

According to Kabi, they were currently waiting for the results.

“Sahi tuko idhaa ya third born. We are cooking. Very soon, sasa tunangoja matokeo,” he said.

Kabi made the revelation while arguing with his wife about who their daughter looks like.

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