Four suspects have been arrested in relation to a car jacking incident and abduction of two car dealers that occurred in Juja.

The suspects were arrested at a compound in Juja and positively identified at Juja police station.

A manhunt for them was launched  after causing an accident in the area with a stolen car after kidnapping a car dealer and a broker.

The suspects, after causing the accident, are said to have fled on a motorcycle.

The Police report shows that the car dealer identified as Kennedy Kimuhu Gitau received a phone call on December 1, 2023, from a car broker, Brian Karanja informing him that there was a potential buyer in Juja identified as Robert Sifuna Wekesa looking for a vehicle make Prado.

The duo then left the showroom along Kiambu Road headed to Juja in a plan to meet the potential buyer. The three then went for a drive test towards Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology (JKUAT) and then stopped in a gated house in Juja where they alighted from the car.

Abruptly a motorcycle carrying three men appeared and ordered Gitau and Karanja into the house as the client Wekesa drove the car into the compound. Upon being held hostage in the house, the police have said that Gitau and Karanja were given an option to call their loved ones to help raise money Ksh. 2.5 million each.

After being held hostage for about three days, on December 4, the kidnapped duo was bundled in the Prado by two men and a woman and headed to an unknown destination before hitting another motor vehicle at Juja Equity and sped off. The driver whose car was hit chased after the Prado when one suspect fired two rounds in the air at Kimbo.

“He followed them to Kahawa Wendani Magunas supermarket along the service lane where the stolen vehicle lost control and hit the road steel guards and stopped,” read the police report in part.

The three alighted from the damaged Prado pretending to be taking one of them to the hospital and boarded one motorcycle, fired another two ammunitions in the air ordering the rider to take them to Juja, leaving their hostages tied in the Prado.

“He took them to Kahawa Sukari roundabout and abandoned the motorcycle there. The robbers took the said motorcycle and rode towards Ruiru direction,” said the police.

Two spent cartridges of ammunition were recovered outside Magunas supermarket by Wendani police post and DCI officers.

The Prado has been towed to Ruiru Police Station awaiting further action.

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