Jua Cali

Legendary Genge artist Jua Cali has recalled the moment when he was conned by a promoter.

This was back in the 2000s when he was invited to perform in Busia. The musician travelled all the way from Nairobi to Busia by bus for the concert that took place in a club.

“Kuna rap group flani wanaitwa Kenyanna walinipangia show flani huko Busia kitambo early 2000s, so sisi hao kwa Eldoret express mpaka Busia hizo siku hii barabara ya Nakuru ilikua mbaya by the time unafika mahali unaenda umechoka mbaya!! Tulifika Busia majioni good thing rooms zilikua karibu na club tuka freshen up tukapiga supper tukaingia club,” he shared on his social media accounts.

Back in the days, there were no down payments and artists would paid the full amount before going to the stage.

The promoter however promised to pay Jua Cali and the other artists immediately after the show as he was still collecting money at the gate.

Jua Cali was the last to perform but after the performance, the promoter still did not give them their dues.

“Kenyanna wakafungua stage halafu mimi nikafunga, after performance tukirudi kwa rooms promoter akatuambia ‘na collect doh bado kwa mlango by the time mnaamka nitawapatia doh yenu’ mnaeza guess tu place hii story inaenda tuliamka morning guess what!!? Promoter yuko mteja!!! Damn!!” the genge artist narrated.

They tried reaching out to him without success. Jua Cali said that he had only remained with about Kshs200, while  the rap group had nothing with them.

They decided to go to the club where they had performed  to demand for their payment. The cliub owner however couldn’t meet their demands as he had not signed a contract with them.

“Mwenye club around 12 akarauka akapata tushacheck out tunamgoja kwa club hapo nje so akatuambia ‘poleni sana nimeambiwa kitu imehappen sadly me siezi walipa coz siku sign contract na nyinyi, besides promoter nilimpatia doh yote but to save the situation nitawapatia fare’ Tukachukua fare sisi hao Eldoret express mpaka Nairobi,” Jua Cali said.

Jua Cali sang about the experience in one of his songs.

“Ukiskiza keenly verse yangu ya SI SIRI kuna line nasema ‘Ma Promoter wengine ndio hao wakona njaa/Kwanza wa Busia wanavuka border ka Jaguar’ Hii story ndio place hio line ilitoka. Besides hizi noma zote we still never gave up,” the artist noted.

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