Social media influencer and businesswoman Amira has a reason to celebrate on this International Women’s Day.

This is because she has lost over 45kgs since embarking on a weight loss journey.  Initially, she used to weigh between 130-140 Kgs. At the time, she was also undergoing stress but it wasn’t helpful in cutting weight.

“So how do I start? You all know my journey from when I was over 130kgs almost 140kgs sometimes! That is a hard place to be because one, you are big!Two, you know you are big but 3 you don’t understand why stress is not helping to lose weight in fact there is something called “stress eating”!

“Can you imagine how you are stressed and the answer to a big stressed me is to eat and continue the never ending cycle of “Eat, Pray(become big), love (stressed because you are big then, eat) and repeat Eat, Pray, Love!” the ex-wife of matatu business mogul Jamal Marlaw wrote.

Amira said that she was however certain that someday she would shed off the excess weight and she is now living her dream. She went ahead to encourage fans that it was possible to achieve whatever they desire.

“I have lost a freaking 45kgs+ and I feel like I am on top of the world, not mostly because of weight loss but because I can do what I want if I want to do it which is the moral of the story!” she said.


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Amira’s journey has inspired many of her followers who also joined her in celebrating her achievement.

“Wooooow !!!so proud of this lady. Sometimes it takes the most painful seasons of our lives to transform, know our value and purpose in life and once you’ve gotten to know that NOBODY can EVER take that away from you. Not to say that the other side is all glitz and glamour but you have a point of redeeming and immense faith that if I came out of that even the next bigger challenge you shall win. I call it shock absorption stage,” a fan commented on her post.

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