Ruth K, the better half of comedian David Oyando alias Mulamwah, embarked on a content creation journey just two months ago, during the 2023 festive season, launching her own YouTube account.

The account has witnessed an immense growth, currently boasting of 93K followers,  and its just a matter of time before she hits 100,000 subscriptions.

When she kicked off the journey, Ruth was sure of what she wanted to achieve, as witnessed through her hard work. The first time mum has been uploading content on the account very often, and so far she has shared 76 videos. Giving birth and nursing her new born couldn’t even deter her from her purpose.

“Welcome to my channel. Finally tumefika YouTube. Many of you guys mmekuwa mkiniambia aki bestie fungua YouTube, we can’t wait for you to fungua channel. Here we are guys. Tumefika leo kwa hii platform na hatucheki but ni nyinyi mtanipanga, which side of me do you want me to hear or see. Mnipange nitapangika, mnataka content gani huku,” she said in the first video on the platform.


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So far, the fruits of her hard work have began to pay. Ruth proudly shared her first YouTube pay, encouraging other women to put in effort in whatever they do and putting their trust in God as well.

Her first estimated revenue is Kshs298, 685.05

“First YouTube pay. Weh kumbe YouTube pays. Thanks for the support always. Ladies let’s uplift one another. In all you  do weka bidii no matter what bidii na Mungu mbele,” she shared on Insta stories.

Her first YouTube video was recorded in Mulamwah’s rural home and it garnered 59K views. So far, the best video in the account boasts of over 370k views. Other videos that have also performed well include those that were recorded when she went to deliver her firstborn.


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