Ruto has finally came out to defend himself after citizens online criticized the head of state’s  frequent foreign trips.

During a church service in Kimende, Kiambu County on Sunday, the president stated  that his numerous visits were for the benefit of Kenya and that Kenyans should not misinterpret them for Luxury.

“You have heard that I have toured many parts of the world and I have travelled with a plan, I am not a tourist. Because for this country to change it has to be changed and that is done by thoughts and plans… as we speak our CS for Labor (Florence Bore) is in Saudi Arabia because we want to plan how our youths will get jobs everywhere,” Ruto said.

He  didn’t fail to mention the plans he has for the country ,saying that the numerous trips would  help curb unemployment cases in Kenya by securing  jobs for the youth in abroad and in Kenya.

“There are some who will stay here in Rukuma and get jobs through the housing project, others will work in the ICT hub and others will board planes then go work outside the nation. didn’t we agree that kazi ni kazi?” posed the president.

DP Gachagua reacting to the trolls by many Kenyans concerning the president trips urged Ruto to continue making these trips until a solution to the ailing economy is found.

“Continue going anywhere in the world, anywhere you will find many benefits for Kenyans” the deputy President stated.

Isaac Mwaura, the governments spokesperson, also defended the president earlier asking Kenyans to give the President time to stabilize the economy.

He continued to add the benefits brought about by the foreign trips including, deals signed with foreign superpowers like the United Kingdom, the United States and China which he believes graced Kenya Ksh. 2 trillion worth of benefits.

Some of these deals signed by the foreign states are: Ksh. 8.7 billion ($60 million) agreement with the United States Millennium Change Corporation (MCC) to finance the acquisition of electric buses for line 2 of Nairobi’s Bus Rapid Transit system, $75 million in green investment to boost climate action efforts.

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