In a recent interview on the popular Obinna Show, comedian and content creator Kabugi revealed his ambitious political aspirations.

Kabugi, known for his humor and engaging online content that attracts thousands of followers announced his intention to run for the Nakuru Town East Constituency Member of Parliament seat in the upcoming 2027 elections.

“2027 I will be on the ballot,” Kabugi declared with confidence during the interview.

However, after saying this statement he  urged the people of Nakuru not to rush into conclusions about his political future.

“Watu wa Nakuru,” he paused and then continued.”Sijasettle bado but I must be on ballot,” He explained.

This was to tell the people of Nakuru that while his plans are firm, there are still details to be finalized first.

Kabugi also shared a plan B if his MP bid does not plan out as he expects it to be. He mentioned that he would consider running for the senator seat instead.

On the other hand, he expressed no interest in the governor’s position by saying, “Governor siitishi.”

The announcement has sparked a range of reactions from the public. Many have welcomed the idea of a youthful candidate stepping up to the political arena.

“It is time for the youths to lead! Your passion and Fresh ideas can make a real difference. Go for that political seat you have our support.” Said Mark Steveke reflecting many young voters eager for change and new leadership.

Another person said, “being famous doesn’t clarify that you can lead focus with comedy…”

Whether Kabugi vies for the MP seat or the senator seat, one thing is clear. It is very evident that he is  determined for his political ambitions in Nakuru county.

This is not the first time a comedian announces for a political seat. Recently, Dr. Ofweneke also talked about his political aspirations in vying for a seat in Kakamega County.

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