Mumbua aka Mumbus, the one and only daughter of the Abel Mutua and his wife Judy Nyawira has opened up about her experience in High school.

Mumbus joined form one this year in January and she was accompanied by her parents to the prestigious school she was enrolling to. According to her mother, after they were done with admission, Mumbus literally asked them to leave.

“She literally chased us away. We got to school at around 10.30 am and in like a half an hour we were done. Akachukuliwa na school mothers  so she goes to the dormitories, Tukaambia principal kama tunaezakuambia kwaheri. She came back and the first thing she asked was ‘You guys are still here? Bado hamjaenda?” she revealed during the latest episode of their mother and daughter conversations.

From their conversation, Mumbus enjoyed her stay in school and she was also looking forward to back to school this May, saying that home was boring.

“After the final goodbyes, I just went back without feeling sorrowful… I didn’t feel anything. Day one I don’t think I was alone, I was surrounded by people,” she said.

“All the form ones we went to class, we were separated to stream one and stream 2 I was put in stream 1 . At 6 We went to eat I am still seeing new faces, .It was weird, I was in an environment where I was surrounded by so many old people,” the 14-year old told her mother.

According to her, the students in the senior classes appeared older.

“You have come from the environment where you are senior then you go here you are the junior. It was so weird,” Mumbus said.

At the same time, she revealed that her favourite subject is maths but she dislikes Physics.

“It’s funny that the subject that I used to hepa every single time in primary School is now my favourite: Mathematics. I was the highest in the whole form in the first test… I don’t like Physics. It’s Maths but no… It’s so bad, I don’t like struggling,” she said.

“The food is amazing. We eat six times a day. Pre-breakfast at 5:30 AM then breakfast at 9:30 AM. Then lunch. The fourth meal is like a snack before 4 PM. Then we eat dinner, before having tea just before we go to the dorms,” she also revealed.

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