It was an emotional day at Citizen TV as colleagues gathered to say goodbye to their political reporter, Chemutai Goin, who’s off to explore new opportunities. The farewell party was like a big group hug, full of mixed feelings and good vibes.

The crew organized the farewell bash to celebrate all the awesome things Goin did during her time at the station. There were smiles, tears, and a cake to show how much she’d be missed – a sweet way to remember the good times and the not-so-easy part of saying goodbye.

Thinking about her journey at Citizen TV, Goin shared, “Leaving is bittersweet because this is where I learned and grew. It feels like my second home. I think that is where I will stay and even as we go to other ventures, we will still find each other,”

She thanked Citizen TV for being the place where she spread her wings as a bilingual reporter and dabbled in political shows on the radio.

“I’m glad I have really grown, everyone here held my hand. I never used to report in Swahili when I came here, I can do Swahili now, my confidence went up, I could do life. I think it was the space, I had had my time in different spaces and this is it. Wacha kalamu tuipeleke kwingine kidogo tujaribu kuona how other sectors worK,” she added.

She also recounted her first time at the station.

“I don’t really have much to say. Today I was looking at my first sign-off that was November 21, 2018, when I first came here. I knew I was coming home. When I was an intern Yusuf was my teacher at KTN and Muraya was a senior political reporter, so I was just coming back to people that I had been with,” Goin said.

Colleagues chimed in with sweet messages. Ayub Abdikadir, a fellow journalist, praised Goin’s fantastic career saying, “Chemutai Goin, as you start a new chapter, I wish you all the best. I will miss you.”

He pointed out how she stood out among her peers and chased her career dreams with passion.

Her colleagues highlighted how she always tackled her assignments with determination, making a mark in political reporting. Well-known faces like Trevor Ombija, Jamila Mohamed, and Dennis Otieno joined the goodbye party, showing their appreciation for Goin’s time at Citizen TV.

Now, Goin is off to join the Office of the Speaker of the National Assembly, kicking off a brand-new phase in her career.

Her friends at Citizen TV are cheering her on, wishing her success and happiness in whatever comes next. It’s not a goodbye forever, just a ‘see you later’ as she steps into exciting new adventures.


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