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Socialite and reality TV star Vera Sidika has painted a picture of how her marriage to singer Brown Mauzo was.

In an interview with a local media outlet, the mother of two hinted that the marriage was not rosy, contrary to the family moments that the former couple shared online.

Vera says that she nervous and worried but she held it back, not giving a glimpse of what was happening behind the scenes to her social media community. She insinuated that marriage wouldn’t allow her to freely live her live and embrace who she is but with the current freedom, she is resuming her old ways.

“Currently, I am single and wild. I’ve got someone, I am going on dates, it’s exciting but I’m not getting serious with anyone and he shouldn’t too. I don’t want any commitment for now. Divorce is not the end of the world, that’s what people need to understand,” she said, adding that;

“While married, I was a little uptight and there are a lot of things that were happening in my marriage that people didn’t know. I held back on so much. But the Vera people love to watch is back, the carefree, dramatic Vera.”

At the same time, she maintained that she wouldn’t get another child until after 7 years, adding that she wouldn’t risk losing her hour glass figure because of a baby.

“I am not going to try to have another baby until after seven years. Don’t you see my hourglass shape and my (tiny) waist? I’m not messing that up anytime soon. But then again, I have had two children in two years and I think I need to enjoy my children more before I can think of having another,” Vera Sidika said.

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