Mungai Eve the popular content creator has caused mixed reactions after she  revealed that she has finally decided to get a personal chef.

The creator took to her largely followed Instagram account to share the new addition to her household.

She posted up a lot of scrumptious looking meals including different types of rice, pancakes, and all kinds of stew which were being prepared by her new chef.

Mungai confessed that her decision to get a private chef was influenced by her strong dislike in cooking.

She stated that she had formed a habit of eating out most of the time, a very unhealthy habit.

”I came to peace with the fact that I don’t like cooking and since I end up eating outside aloot, I thought of having a personal chef.” she wrote.

Kenyans flocked the comment section to air out opinions on the creator’s choice of taking in a private chef.

Some blasted her, insisting that cooking for two people should not even be a task while others stated that getting herself a personal chef was in order since she works hard.

”Tumbo yako tu na mzee umeshindwa kupika eei my lord”

”Kuina msichana akupikie chakula ya wiki iwekwe fridge ndio mnaita personal chef?”

”Let the girl be. She has worked hard what is wrong with her spending her hard earned money to keep herself comfortable.” netizens shared.

Mungai came to fame after hostung a series of interviews with underground rappers and socilaites.

Her programs became a fan favorite as netizens laughed their hearts out when the ”Kenyan Rihanna” or the ”Kenyan Cardi B” Were going at it with each other.

She is currently dating Director Trevor the man who introduced her to content creation.






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