British TV Personality Jeremy Clarkson has found himself in hot soup with Kenyans after including Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (JKIA)on his list of the most stupidest airports he has come across.

According to Clarkson, the stupidest airport in the world’ is in Madrid, Spain. He mentioned JKIA after one of his followers had the audacity to suggest one in Lagos, Nigeria.

“Lagos, Nigeria: until you get stopped over 20 times between the door and your seat for no reason, you can’t have a true appreciation for how terrible an airport can be!” commented a follower.

Shortly after Clarkson realized that the discussion had shifted to Africa, he said that the Jomo Kenyatta International Airport was much worse than the Lagos airport.

“OK. I’ll take Lagos, but if we are in Africa, I’ll raise you in Nairobi,” he wrote. While some Kenyans apparently agreed with the motor expert, others found it extremely rude, even racist, and made their disgust evident.

CNN corresoned Larry Madowo, who is on record complaining about JKIA, has however shared his thoughst on Clarkson’s tweet.

“I’ve been complaining about how bad JKIA is for 10+ years. But I don’t agree that it’s the “stupidest” airport in Africa. Not even close. To Jeremy’s credit, he first complained about JKIA in 2017,” the Kenyan journalist said.

JKIA has constantly been in the news for various negative reasons, such as regular blackouts that leave travellers at their wits’. Just in the past few days, videos showing the flooded airport premises were paraded on the internet, cold storage areas, and leaks at Terminal 1C, including checking-in areas.


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