Andrew Kibe

Andrew Kibe was recently denied a one on one interview with legendary musical group Sauti Sol, who were performing in Washington DC, US.

Kibe is said to have flown all the way from Texas to Washington DC, to attend the much awaited concert. He contacted the promoter of the event requesting for a chance to meet the group but they said they were not interested.

Narrating about the awful encounter,  Andrew Kibe said that he will now continue criticising Sauti Sol. He also noted that he was grateful that the interview was not a success since it would have meant that he becomes friends with them.

“I am not doing well and since I am not doing well nobody will. I am going to sh*t on Sauti Sol. Sauti Sol vile walikataa kunipatia interview nikasema afadhali hata hivyo because now I can continue sh*tting of them. I would have turned them into my friends and now Chimano would have had my personal number, he would be sending me tuemojis. It is God who came in their midst akasema hio interview itaharibu maneno.

“It is donning on me that I am never going to have an interview with Sauti Sol.So I might as well go on the other side, enjoy their music while am by myself but full time shitting on their products. Aaah f*ck Sauti Sol. Its a shit about that group,” the controversial content creator said.

“Mnakate aje kunipatia interview. Mimi niwaombe interview, zii. You reject me I reject you. That is how it works,” he added.

Kibe further said that Chimano was not the reason why he was denied the interview. According to him, he has nothing against Chimano and vice versa.

“I am being cock blocked by two managers down.I don’t even think the problem is Chimano. I have pulled a video or two about him but I have nothing against him. I find him to be a totally completely honest musician. I have nothing against his lifestyle because he doesn’t have a problem with me why would I have a problem with him but there us something that got in`to their heads now they can’t bury the hatchet,” he said.


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