Repentance and Holiness founder Prophet David Owuor could not hide his joy after he arrived in India and it began raining.

Owuor shared his joy revealing that God had shown him that it would rain once he arrives in the Asian country, something that he desired so much.

He urged the Indians who had gathered by to record him as he shared his testimony

“I wanted it to rain me but the Lord showed me  when I enter here it would rain raining on me, look at this stuff can you record me please. This is serious it is raining on me can you record the video, heaven is open. More than a  year ago I said when I come my presence must open heaven, it must rain and the drizzle on me  this is a big blessing, look, it is raining on me. Haleluiya,” he joyfully said.


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A section of Kenyans have however expressed doubts about Prophet Owuor’s ‘miracles’. Some have suggested that he might have received information of the coming rain from a weather updates Application on his phone as another netizen said that he should provide evidence for his claims.

“Nabii ameshusha nyavu India,” an Instagram user joked.

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