Renown content creator and rapper Diana Marua has raised concerns about the eating habits of her two children Heaven and Majesty.

In a video that was shared on the Instagram accounts of the minor’s, Diana told them what they were eating was not good for their healthy.

The two were eating KFC chicken, chips and soda.

“You know too much of KFC is not nice. You are not going to eat KFC until after another week. Too much KFC, fast food and soda is not good. Soda has too much sugar and kuku has too much oil,” she said.

“You know me mummy, this is the last day I am going to eat  thisKFC then no more,” Heaven said as Morgan expressed worry about the meals making him sick and forcing him to go for needles in hospital.

Soon afterwards, Heaven asked her mother to help her slice the chicken into small pieces so that she could eat comfortably.

“Mummy is trying to teach us that too much junk and sugar is bad for our future health. We understand but, someone tell Mummy that this is the last time we are eating unhealthy 🤗🤗🤗Maybe 5th last time,”  the video’s caption further read on Heaven’s account.

A netizen however did not see the point of Diana cautioning her children yet she was the one who bought the meal.

“The funny part is they’re the same parents that buy the same food and again they’re the same complaining about it,” her comment read.


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