After years of not seeing each other eye to eye, Diamond and Harmonize have finally met and even engaged in a conversation.

The frenemies converged at the Tanzanian Statehouse for Iftar that was organized by president Samia Suluhu on Tuesday evening.

Other artists who were present included Ali Kiba, Juma Jux among others.

In photos and videos shared online, Harmonize and Diamond were all smiles as they exchanged pleasantries.

“Nguvu ya mama imeonekana leo Samia Suluhu Hassan. Leo nimewakutanisha Diamond na Harmonize, nilisema hakuna kinacho nishinda,” Mwijaku, a close associate of Harmonize boasted on Instagram, accompanied by photos of the encounter.


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Harmonize fell out with Diamond and quit his recording label Wasafi. He proceeded to launch his own label dubbed Konde Music Worldwide. He had been signed under Wasafi since 2015, just a year after it was launched.

In 2021, he revealed that he quit Wasafi over mistreatment and that his father had been labelled a witch.

“No one knows what led me to leave WCB. I have never talked about it, but today I will because it’s not good to make your fellow artist look bad, knowing that he is not. Supporters of WCB see me as a bad person as it has been portrayed,” he said in November 2021.

“I was signed into a 10-year contract at WCB. Any money I earned within the contract, Diamond would take 60%, leaving me with 40%. I would have to add my own money to my share in order to push my music,” he further said.

Harmonize added that while pursuing his music dream, many  thought that he was trying to outshine Diamond.  He noted that the case was similar to other artists like Ommy Dimpoz, Ben Pol and Ali Kiba who fell out with the WCB boss.

“All artists who have had a quarrel with Diamond, has only been after they have hit the limelight. But as an upcoming artist, they are friends. Any artist that has been a hit in Tanzania including Ben Pol, Ali Kiba among others, has been in a fall out with Diamond,” he explained.


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Recently, Harmonize said they had grown up to continue beefing.

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