Grand P

Guinean singer and actor Grand P is back to the social media scenes with a bang, as he unveils his marital plans.

In an interview recently, Grand P said that he is planning to marry 4 women, since that is what his father taught him.

“I want to marry 4 women, it is my father who says that,” he said. He further said that he is justified to have four wives because he is a Muslim.

His girlfriend Eudoxie Yao  however doesn’t agree with his plans. According to her, she will break up with him if he decides to go ahead with the polygamous plan.

At the same time, she denied claims of dating Grand P because of fame and money.

“My relationship with Grand is real,” she said. ” He is a man with a big heart, we went through a lot when he was down. With him I am learning a lot.”

The voluptuous model further revealed that they have been having an on and off relationship since 2019. They have been breaking up because of Grand P’s faults.

“He likes women so much,” she confessed.

Grand P was born in October 11 1990. He gained popularity both in Guinea and internationally after appearing in a show that was organised by a Guinean artist Kerfalla Kante.

He was however born with a genetic disorder known as progeria, that cause his skin to age rapidly since birth. The genetic disorder has also seen him only grow to a height of two meters, with a small body.

Despite that, the singer-cum-politician has defied all odds to ensure that his work is recognised beyond borders.

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