Grace Ekirapa, the former host of Ntv’s Crossover 101, has broken her silence, sharing a Valentine’s Day post featuring  her husband, Pascal Tokodi in yet another promotion.

The couple was promoting a shoe brand and the image shows Pascal carrying Grace, who holds a gift box. They were also wearing matching outfits with the caption inviting followers to check out the discounts.

This post follows weeks of speculation about their relationship, fuelled by rumours of a separation. Reports suggested that the couple, that has been together since 2020, had been living separately for the past two months.


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Allegedly, Pascal had moved back to Karen, where he resided before meeting Grace, while she remained in Limuru.

During this period of uncertainty, neither Pascal nor Grace addressed the swirling rumours. However, the recent Valentine’s Day post seems to be their way of putting an end to the speculations, surprising fans who had believed they had parted ways.

The post has garnered numerous responses from fans expressing joy and relief. Comments like “mnatufanya tukae waongo” and “may God continue to frustrate and disappoint your enemies” reflect the mix of emotions followers experienced, transitioning from believing in a breakup to celebrating the couple’s togetherness.

Some comments also humorously acknowledge the couple’s ability to confuse and frustrate idle gossipers, suggesting that their relationship status is no one’s business.

This sentiment is echoed with comments  like “may you continue confusing enemies and idle people forever.”

Overall, the responses reflect a collective sigh of relief and happiness from fans who now see the couple’s Valentine’s Day post as a delightful surprise, turning the tide on previous breakup speculations.

one @simplylinda91 commented: mnatufanya tukae waongo

@bakhim9 commented: may God continue to frustrate and disappoint your enemies. happy to see you together AJ is blessed to have you.

@faithnaito said: kamati ya roho chafu mtaongea mkiwa wapi?

@cathymukora commented; may you continue confusing enemies and idle people forever

@i_amkarimi wrote: serves Kenyans right. Love everything bad about celebrities. Nice prank, next time people will mind their own business.

Grace Ekirapa’s love story took a brighter turn when she secretly married Pascal Tokodi in 2020. In 2021, the couple faced the heartbreak of losing their first pregnancy but later welcomed their daughter, AJ.

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