Joel Omondi, the son of  the late Chief of Defense Forces Gen. Francis Ogolla has described his father as a God Fearing man.

Joel said that his father always carried his Bible with him as it was his most precious possession. He added that anyone who worked with him was aware of the fact.

Joel, who was speaking at Ogolla’s memorial in Nairobi hoped that the Bible would be retrieved from the scene in Elgeyo Marakwet, where the KDF chopper crashed killing the CDF along with 9 other military officials.

“Some where in that helicopter wreck is his Bible, which was his most precious possession. I am hoping that they are able to retrieve it from the accident. I’d want to keep it as a momento  and for the rest of the family,” Joel said.

According to him, the bible mean a lot to the fallen soldier. At times, they would engage in Bible competitions, discussing the mortality and all things of life.

Ogolla will be buried this Sunday at his home in Ng’iya in within 72 hours just as he had requested. His son also revealed that he will be buried in a sheet and not in a coffin.

“As you know,Jesus himself how he was buried, he was wrapped in a sheet and put in a tomb. Right now mzee is wearing a uniform he donned for number one functions but tomorrow will wrap him in a sheet and extract him from the casket and lay him him to the ground so that he can return to as dust as quickly as possible just the way he wanted it and just following the man he admired most Jesus Christ,” Joel said.

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