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A former Administration Police officer in Naivasha stabbed his wife and poured hot water on her after an altercation, leaving her bleeding profusely.

The incident is said to have occurred after the cop returned home under the influence of Alcohol. Speaking from her hospital bed at the Naivasha level 4 hospital the mother of two narrated how the county enforcement worker came home while drunk, boiled water and poured on her.

The small-scale trader in Naivasha was leftnwith some part of her body organ left hanging out after the altercation she said they had some differences with her husband before he turned against her. Despite hearing movements while asleep, the wife initially disregarded them, however, she soon heard the sound of the door being broken down around midnight.

“He came into the bedroom and asked who I am to you,” she recounted the dreadful moment and further said that she issued no response to him.

“I turned and the water caught me on the back before he attacked me with a knife stabbing me in the stomach,” she added.

She managed to run towards a neighbour’s house but she collapsed along the way.  The neighbours rushed her to hospital where she is receiving treatment. The suspect who is a former AP and now working for the county government of Nakuru has now gone into hiding after the incident.

This came after the Gender Based Activists under its name ”Usikimye” raised their concerns over the high number of cases of the gender-based violence in the town and the informal settlements of Naivasha. According to John Kinuthia from the organization they have recorded over 10 cases of gender-based violence since the year began.

“The OCS has agreed to change the investigation officer and we are hoping that justice will be served,” a statement read from the organization.

“Most of these cases are coming from informal settlements in Naivasha and women are the most hit by the current case,” he said.




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