Diana Marua might have played match maker since two of her friends are now said to be the newest couple in the street.

Jackie Matubia the popular actress known for role as ”Jolene” in Tahidi high seemingly got tired of the rumors surronding her love life and decided to end the discussion once and for all.

She took to her Instagram account to hard launch her new man identified as Maurice Kivs, the bahati’s close friend and manager.

She posted a candid video showcasing the two love birds engrossed in a cute conversation as they smiled for the camera.

One could not make out what was being said, as the actress had silenced the words opting for the ”chaguo la moyo” song by Sanaipei Tande featuring Otile Brown as the soundtrack.

Using the trending British accent, Matubia announced to her fans that Maurice was her new man prompting them to send  suggestions on wedding venues and convinient dates.

”New man innit?Leteni wedding venue suggestions and your most convinient dates.” she teased.

Kenyans descended the comment section with views on the actress’s love life. Some thought that she had moved on so fast from her previous relationship while others expressed their  happiness for the couple.

”Ukipenda mtu ngoma za Otile Brown humake sense.”

”Form ni kuheal kwa relationship ingine?””

”The new man is not new you just never knew.”

”Relationship inaanza December ni scam buana.” netizens shared.

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