Diamond’s son Naseeb Junior has immensely impressed not only his father ,but also a huge number of netizens after a video of him flaunting his piano skills was shared online.

In a trending video shared by @Cheche_la_wasafi, the two were having a father-son moment in the musician’s studio when the boy started playing random keys on the medium-sized piano that was on his father’s laps as his father proudly smiled, his face radiating pride and confidence in his son.

The numerously awarded Tanzanian singer then cheerfully gave his son a high five, commending him for the good job.

“Impress me, baby. He’s showing he can play this side and move to the other side. Such a genius boy. High five. That is why I want you to be a musician because I know you can do it,” he told his son after he effortlessly played the happy birthday tune as prompted by someone in the background.

The proud Dad noted that he was taken aback trying to comprehend how his son remembered the keys despite learning for a short time.

Majority of netizens that commented on the clip noted that Naseeb might be the only kid among the musician’s children that will carry on the legacy of their father in the craft as they also commended him for the job well done.

Here are some of their comments:

“Super talented and cute,” @user95076529664 said.

“Like father like son,” @Lady K added

On the other hand, Terry Nyaga note that, “The next Simba.”

“Huyu atakuwa mnoma kushinda Commando,” @Odinga Vincent said while Kenyan motor girl wrote, “He is going to be so good by the time he is big.”

The musical boy who is also Tannasha Donna’s son, lives and studies in Tanzania and is among the four well-known children of the singer, the others being Zari’s and Hamisa’s.

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