The celebrated musician David Adeleke, better known by his stage as Davido, has made indications that he intends to give his mother, Sophia Momodu, custody of his first kid, Imade.

This comes after Momodu recently submitted a counter-affidavit in which she stated Davido was unsuitable to nurture their daughter.

In response, she said that his house is not a safe place for a young girl to be, citing Davido’s son Ifeanyi’s untimely death in 2022 as proof.

“The applicant cannot take proper care of our daughter because he lives a controversial lifestyle (negative media attention) that will expose our daughter to more negative trauma at her tender age,” stated part of the paperwork that is currently making the rounds on social media.

She went on to say that Davido shouldn’t have custody of the child for a number of reasons, including the possibility that his company would have a detrimental effect on the youngster and her disagreement with the child’s therapy and his marriage to Chioma.

In response, Davido wrote on X, stating that his son’s murder still haunts him every day and hinting that talking about it simply serves to remind him of the tragedy.

“You bring up my child’s death whenever you can, just to remind us of this tragedy that haunts us every day of our lives,” he stated.

He went on to say that he was willing to give up on getting custody of Imade, saying that she wouldn’t be a child forever and that she would realise how hard he had worked to protect her.

“Imade will grow up to see that I fought for her,” he continued. You can have her for the time being. P.S. She won’t always be a child. delight in I created Aurora Adeleke ! Your father loves you!

“All I asked for was ‘joint custody’ but cus it’s Davido yall wanna act like yall can’t read! SMH I’m off this … yall be blessed and I pray this never happens to you.”

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