Crazy Kennar

Crazy Kennar, the popular Kenyan comedian is in mourning after losing their newborn son four days to his major show.

This sad news was released to members of the public by the superstar himself during his comedy night dubbed ”happy country.” yesterday.

The comedian took to the stage to give his vote of thanks while being surrounded by his co-actors and comedians including Jacky Vike and Eddie Butita and it was at this point that he revealed the unknown news.

Though he did not state the cause of death, the entertainer revealed that his newborn son had passed away four days before the show.

He expressed that it was a hard time for him since he had to handle the pain of the cruelty caused by death and at the same time plan a comedy show.

”Unfortunately, my son died four days ago so it has been a very tough journey for me because we had to go through that and at the same time make the show.” his speech read in part.

As a mental health activist, the self-proclaimed ”content cartel” shared the life lesson he learned from his experience with the audience.

He advised his fans to fuel the caring nature in them and to check up on friends and family often seeing that smiles hide a lot.

” So my word as happy citizens is that whenever you see somebody walking while smiling just go and ask him if he is okay or not let us be our brother’s keeper,” he stated.

Kennar keeps his love life private hence his son’s death came as a surprise to many netizens as it was not known that he was expecting a child.

Upon the revelations, Kenyans and his fellow celebrities have sent their love and condolences to him and his girlfriend who makes once-in-a-lifetime appearances on his






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