Content Creator Kelvin Kinuthia, in a video on his YouTube channel, revealed on how much he makes monthly on creation of content and brand influencing.

He said that what he makes per month is usually not consistent, as it varies depending on how much he has done at that particular time.

“Hakuna specific figure I can say monthly like this is how much I get monthly. Months zi uvary because there are times I make more a month and there are times I make less,” he says.

He also shares his source of income as content creation on YouTube and influencing for multiple brands.

“I earn through brands; I am a brand ambassador for many brands. Unapata brands pay me, and I usually earn through YouTube.”

The content creator however shared the challenges he faces as a content creator.

He said that payment via brands are not consistent as they pay him if the business does well therefore he does not have a constant pay.

According to him brand companies may fail to pay him especially if they have not being doing well.

“Kuna brands zingine zitakulipa hii month next month hazitakulipa, so brands are not something that is consistent, and I don’t have a consistent figure I earn every month.”Kinuthia explained.

Kinuthia is a 22-year old social media influencer and content creator well known for cross-dressing.

During an interview with mpasho news last year he admitted that crossdressing is what brought him to the limelight and is what made her get jobs doing ads for women’s clothing and cosmetics.

”I’m a man. But I said I can’t stop doing the things I’m doing because people have interfered with me saying I’m doing that and I’m a man. That’s what has brought me to where I am,” Kinuthia said.

He has become renowned for his diverse content which includes lifestyle videos, cooking segments, pranks, and family-oriented clips. His approach often incorporates positive and uplifting messages that resonate with a wide audience.

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