Valentines , a day where lovers publicly express their affection for each other is fast approaching as it is only a day to the special day.

As many people prepare for the day, a certain company has taken the initiative to protect its single workers by prohibiting gifts within the premises on valentines day.

A memo shared by the company whose name isn’t disclosed went viral causing many different reactions from the netizens.

“Please note that no valentines gifts are allowed within the company premises. Management has made this decision in order to safeguard other employees from unnecessary pressure and stress” the internal memo read.

The management in charge also urged the stuff members to communicate to their loved ones about this communication made to avoid any inconveniences.

It further stated that the matter would be taken seriously and anyone who goes contrary would be punished.

Many netizens reacted to this action,

“The owner of this company deserves an award tell him to hit my inbox i bless him. These are the people we need in our society.” said Shwana Simangolwa.

On the other hand some were against this action by the above company stating that perhaps the owner is single and knew he wasn’t going to receive any gifts.

In another story, a 28-year old Kenyan lady who lives in Nairobi, has highlighted some of the items she is expecting as gifts on that special day.

The lady has gone ahead to even list names of big restaurants she would prefer to be taken to on Valentines day.

Many netizens reacted to this negatively  stating that her demands were unrealistic.

The lady however has remained optimistic that her dreams would come to pass and that whatever she wished for would be a reality come the 14th of February on Wednesday.

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