Comedian Eddie Butita has set the record straight about knowing John Matara, the prime suspect in the murder of Pastor Kanyari’s sister Starlet Wahu.

Matara is suspected to have murdered the deceased in an AirBnB at South B last week Thursday by stabbing her multiple times after demanding Kshs500,000. Wahu is however just among the young women that he is said to have lured from dating sites and social media, only for him to steal from them and demand for them to contact their relatives for more money.

Butita however left netizens talking after making a comment about Matara being his school mate in a tweet onm January 7.

“Haiyaaa @iamjoseh_unakumbuka huyu jamaa Pale Butere Boys High School?” Butita said.

Some of those who commented on the post said that Butita should have informed the authorities that he knows someone who is a threat to the society.

“@eddiebutitahii kwa law tunasema you are an accessory to a crime, you reluctantly watched a criminal grow even going as far as kumchunia mandazi when njaa ilikuwa karibu kumaliza yeye, without raising your hands in class.. Am afraid you have a case to answer,” an X user said.

In a recent interview with Milele FM presenter Ankali Ray, Butita however cleared the air saying that he only came across information about Matara’s high school education on a WhatsApp group, adding that he doesn’t know him on a personal level.

“Niliona tu kwenye WhatsApp group watu wakisema alikuwa Butere. Shule ilikuwa kubwa siwezijua alimaliza mwaka gani  haswa maanake mimi nilimaliza around 2010 hapo. Maybe alikuwa mbele yetu ama nyuma yetu. Naskia ni mtu wa pale lakini haimanishi chochote bali pia ni countrymate wako kila mtu na tabia zake ile ni mambo ambao iko kortini kama alifanya makosa sheria nayo iko pale pale,” Butita said.


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