Netizens already got their December Christmas wish seeing that Christina Shusho is coming to perform after months of pleading with promoters to bring her to Kenya for an end of year cross-over party, this seemingly did not quench their thirst as they are now calling on Vanessa Mdee  the former Tanzanian bongo superstar to give her die hard fans one last concert.

Social media influencer, Shorn Arwa went to her TikTok page to speak on behalf of the ”Niroge” hitmaker’s fans.

She claimed that Mdee was the best East African female musician and she was yet to be replaced even after years of going for a sabbatical.

The mother of one compared current up and coming artists with Mdee, stating that most female musicians were more concerned with their physical appearances more than their music.

She lauded the artist for releasing bangers which she termed as food for the soul especially for girls who grew up in the Mdee era.

”Bring back Vanessa Mdee, I don’t care, bring back Vanessa Mdee, this lady was the Beyoncé I am telling you. Vanessa Mdee,  I am saying it with my chest, no East African female is better than Vanessa Mdee. Unajua sikuhizi females are just thinking oooh matako ni kubwa… ukikuja hapa.. we want music to the soul.” she ranted.

Arwa also cut Mdee some slack explaining that she took a break because motherhood called.

”I know Vanessa is taking a break and she is not doing music but mami please! one more concert” she pleaded.

Netizens flocked the comment section with opinions on the plea to have Mdee perform one last concert.

”Juma Jux is the only ex regretting leaving this wonder man.”

”Rotimi ametuliza hio kitu mbaya.”

”Ukipata mwanaume anakupenda inabidi utulie vile ametulia.” netizens shared.


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