After months of trying to play low with the pregnancy rumours, Paula Kajala, the daughter of renown Tanzanian actress Frida Kajala, and her partner singer Marioo finally shared the good news with fans.

The couple took to their respective social media accounts,  expressing their high anticipation of the third member of their family.

“Am having a baby with my baby🥹❤️ From two to three,” Paula said as Marioo on the other hand wrote, “Adding a new member to our squad!
Soon Inshaalah 🙏🏾 Proud of you Malkia ❤️ @therealpaulahkajala Mungu akubariki wewe na Familia.”

Frida Kajala could also not hide the joy of becoming a grandmother.

“Bibi nilie changamka niko hapa,” she said.


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Reports about the couple;e expecting emerged in July last year, when Marioo shared a birthday message for Paula.

“Happy birthday my love, my everything, mama Kija. Nakupenda sana,” the dear ex singer wrote on Instagram.

Paula and her mother however downplayed the suspicions a couple of times.

“Nikiwa nayo mtaona kwa sababu mimba haifichiki,” Paula said in late 2023.

In February this year, Kajala was confronted with questions of whether Paula had already delivered but she dispelled the claims saying that the infant her daughter  was seen with belonged to her younger sister.

“Aliyewaambia Paula amepata mtoto nani nyinyi. Nani anasema Paula ana mimba? Mdogo wangu wa mwisho alijifungua. Sijui watu wa Instagram huwa wankuwa aje. Kitu wanaezakawa wako nacho halafu baadaye wakalivuja ukiona unahisi ni cha leo lakini zile video ni za zamani sana na yule ni mtoto wa mdogo wangu,” the actress said.

Marioo is however hoping fans would be able to guess whether they is expecting a girl or boy. Below are however photos of the maternity shoot.


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