bishop Johanna

Bishop Danson Gichuhi aka Bishop Johanna has left Kenyans angry after he was captured performing deliverance on one one of his female congregants.

Many have deemed his actions inappropriate and awkward as others called for his arrest and regulations of churches. In the video, which has gone viral on multiple social media platforms, Bishop Johanna was removing demons from the woman, who many thought was called Carol.

He is seen applying anointing the woman who was lying on the ground.Shamelessly,  Bishop Johanna applied the oil on her stomach and he immersed his hand under her clothes, spreading the oil on her breasts and her private parts.

All this while, as another female voice could be heard helping cast out the demons in the woman.

The bishop has however come out to clarify what was transpiring in the video. In an interview with a local  media outlet, the pastor claimed that the woman had a spirit inside her known as Carol.Apparently, the spirit had seen the woman get dumped by her husband leaving her with their three children.

The deliverance occurred on Friday last week.

“Mtu anafanyiwa deliverance is not carol. Kila mtu anayefanyiwa deliverance the maroho inside them have an identity and the spirit inside her is carol….Her name is wanjiru but Carol is the lady who took her husband from her,” the controversial bishop clarified.

Bishop Johanna further said that he has been doing deliverance since 2010. He started trending in 2014 after he delivered people from Inooro who were disturbed by demons and evil spirits.He quit being a businessman to focus on deliverance, which he said is his calling.
His church is called Christian Committed Gospel Church and has branches in Nakuru Murang’a and Sagana.

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