Millie Odhiambo has brought the entire internet to a standstill after a recorded video from Parliament proceedings went viral.

The leaders were debating Ichung’wa’s proposal on Kenyans being tasked to pay 250k-500k for removing a traffic offence ticket from their car a price set at 5000 previously.

The Suba member of parliament took it to the podium to table her argument. She vehemently blasted her fellow legislator for being insensitive.

She pointed out that life was already so hard for Kenyans and they did not need their leaders making the living situation worse.

The seasoned politician hilariously stated that Ichung’wa was definitely not a Kenyan Citizen suggesting that he must hail from a foreign planet like mars if he had thought that his proposal would auger well with the house.

Odhiambo was so angered by the proposal that she went to the extremes of questioning Ichung’wa’s sanity and offering him options of mental checkups.

”Which hustler are you going to fine for removing a notice of a car half a million Kenya shillings. are you living in Eutopia, are you living in Mars? Are you mental? do you need a mental check up? this are taking Kenyans crazy.” she stated in her speech.

The Suba MP also emphasized on the importance of MPs engaging in intellectual debates as opposed to bring inconsequential stories.

”I just want to indicate that this is what I was talking about when I said we should focus on intellectual engagement. He should know that when I speak I know the rules of this house, I have made a connection between that tax law and the laws of the house and it is completely allowed in our procedures.” she stated.

The two legislators never see eye to eye and are always throwing uncalled for jabs at each other to the amusement of citizens.




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