Alma Mutheu

Content creator, Alma Mutheu has revealed that she cannot forgive her man for lying to her but she can forgive his man for cheating.

Speaking during the interview with Spm Buzz, Mutheu revealed that even though she is not petty, but cannot tolerate petty lies.

“Something funny about me, I can forgive cheating but I cant forgive lying to me “Alma said


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Alma Mutheu is a 25 year old  Kenyan digital content creator, entrepreneur, Tiktoker, YouTuber, actress, and influencer.

Alma has established herself in the creative sector and is among Kenya’s highest-paid content providers. Through her work with global businesses and her own shows, Alma is gradually becoming more well-known and is an expert at making material go viral.

With her “Kiss or Diss” and “Smash or Pass” challenges on her YouTube channel, Alma Mutheu has made a name for herself. being the first content producer in Kenya to begin this challenge.

Other creators have been motivated to launch these challenges by her as well. One is King Bizzy, who also makes this kind of content.

When Alma Mutheu began posting videos on TikTok in 2018 of herself dancing to Gengetone songs, she became well-known. She is among the top pioneers on the platform and has slowly risen to be among the top creators on the platform.

At the beginning of the year, the tiktoker went viral on the internet with a cozy snapshot she posted with her purported lover, Grammy Award-winning singer Gift Muziq.

The 25-year-old posted the adorable moment to social media, sparking amusing comments and in-depth conversations among users, particularly those juggling singlehood.

The photo, which was posted on January 4, shows Alma and Gift Muziq leaning against a car while sharing a cozy embrace.

Online users showered Alma’s comment section with amusing replies, expressing anything from appreciation to mild jealousy.

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