Vlogger and Comedian 2mbili has maintained that he is not the comedian that Willy Paul recently exposed for infecting girls, aged 19-25, with HIV/AIDS.

Following the revelations, Kenyans online suspected that 2mbili was the one responsible. He however says that he has no problem with being tagged in the matter because everyone is free to express themselves

“Sijui ni nani, maybe ni mimi coz I have never spend more time with Willy Paul so sidhani hata kama ni mimi ndio napeana hizo vitu. Willy Paul sijui anaezakuwa ananijua aje ama ameambiwa na watu wenye pengine tushawapea. Wacha watu wajiexpress its good, kama ni 2mbili wacha watag, mimi sina shida siwezihata ipea room kjwa akili yangu. I know it is illegal to sleep with someone if you know your status is positive, without protection. It is a crime unaeza hata fungwa for life,” he said in an interview.

He further said that Willy Paul was just right to raise the concern because he felt for the victims and was also creating awareness.

“It was also good for the public to know it is now for him to go to the person kama ni 2mbili akuje aambie 2mbili ‘sipendi wewe unaambukiza wasichana wetu hizo magonjwa zako. It is good for him to go direct to the person coz the way he is narrowing it down, alianza ni celeb, akakuja msanii, comedian  sasa hata wale musicians wamekuwa relieved, kidogo atasema ni comedians wa TikTok,” the father of three said.

“Wale wasee wanadhania ni 2mbili its good for them, I know myself  mimi siwezifanya hivyo ati kuinfect hii ugonjwa and me mwenyewe najua its illegal. Simaanishi ati niko nayo hata kama niko nayo ni yangu, does it affect you in nay way. Watu wa UKIMWI wananua X4 wenye hawana wanaomba lift,” 2mbili added.

He also denied previous claims by Vincent Mboya that he  was positive saying that the now Canadian-based content creator is always hallucinating.

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