The Holy Family Basilica and the Catholic Church are urging Kenyans to speak out against the Finance Bill 2024. In a statement released from the Basilica, the church condemned the bill as oppressive and backed calls for its dismissal.

In a striking display of dissent, a protester boldly interrupted a service at Nairobi’s Holy Family Basilica, marching to the front while chanting “Reject the Finance Bill” and clutching the Kenyan flag. The unexpected intrusion underscored mounting tensions over the Finance Bill 2024, which has drawn sharp criticism from the Catholic Church and various youth-led movements across Kenya.

Earlier, the Holy Family Basilica issued a resolute statement denouncing the Finance Bill as oppressive. The church’s stance resonated with many Kenyans, who have expressed growing concerns about the economic implications of the proposed legislation.

During Sunday’s sermon, leaders of the anti-Finance Bill protests, predominantly composed of Gen Z and millennials, rallied congregants and the wider public to oppose the bill vehemently. They called for a unified front in rejecting what they described as detrimental economic policies that would burden ordinary citizens.

The protester’s bold action during the service encapsulated the escalating frustration among Kenyan youth and activists, who view the Finance Bill as emblematic of broader systemic inequalities and injustices. His impassioned plea for resistance echoed through the basilica, punctuating the church’s call to action.

“We cannot stand idly by as oppressive measures are imposed upon us,” declared Father Michael, a prominent voice in the church’s advocacy against the bill. “This legislation undermines the livelihoods of our people and threatens their dignity.”

In response to the church’s condemnation, numerous Kenyan civic groups and social justice organizations have pledged their support for upcoming demonstrations. The protests are scheduled to commence from Nairobi’s General Post Office to the Kenya National Archives, starting at 3 p.m. Organizers anticipate a peaceful yet forceful demonstration of public dissent against what they perceive as unjust economic policies.

As the nation braces for heightened activism and civic engagement, the Holy Family Basilica remains a focal point for dissent and solidarity, echoing the calls of the Catholic Church and activists alike for a fairer, more equitable future for all Kenyans.

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