Former Nairobi governor Mike Sonko has now asked deputy president Gachagua to respect his boss and stop undermining him for the good of Kenya Kwanza party.

Sonko was speaking in an interview with one media outlets, where he firmly demanded respect for the president.

“Whatever the government is doing right now is wrong hata mbele ya wadogo wao. You don’t fight publicly, mumepigiwa kura mnapigania nini mbele ya watu, what are you trying to show Kenyans. Watu waheshimiane,” Sonko demanded.

The former governor further stated that the President should be respected by his deputy for the MPs to maintain unity.

“Rais aheshimiwe kama rais, naibu wa rais apate heshima yake kutoka kwa wabunge. Kama naibu wa rais alifanya makosa, anyenyekee amwambie rais pole, nilidhani wewe ndio ulituma hawa watu wanitupie maneno,” Mike Sonko stated.

Speaking of internal affairs as a party, Sonko said there will be no respect within if the party leader who is President Ruto is not respected.

“Wao kama Kenya Kwanza waheshimiane. Heshima kwa Kenya Kwanza haiwezi kua kama party leader wao hawajapewa heshima. Internal affairs as Kenya Kwanza they must respect the president.”

“Gachagua must respect the president, he must not undermine his boss, akikuwa undermined, wabunge wataanza kutupiana maneno, but who is the boss?” he posed.

The businessman added that Deputy President Gachagua must not undermine his boss. He said they both have MPs who side with them and if Gachagua disrespect Ruto, they will start pointing fingures to each other.

Mike Sonko had earlier accused the people around the president for their ignorance and ego, adding that he warned about this before.

He argued that President Ruto is not the problem and cause of the unrest experienced in the country today, but his close people are.

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