Dr Alfred Mutua, the CS of international affairs, claimed that the youth would realize they are protesting lies if they took a seat and studied the financial bill.

After visiting a police officer whose hands were blown off when a tear gas canister exploded in his hands, the CS found the demonstrations unruly as according to him the youth are the ones wanting violence.

”Out of the protest happening over this issue, two police officers are in hospital. Not a single demonstrator is injured,” he began.

According to Mutua, the protesters are just broken people who don’t understand their reason for rioting as they haven’t properly read the finance bill.

”Hawa protestors wanataka kuwe na vita ndio waende waandike proposal huko ngambo watumiwe pesa wamesota. They are broke, these activists I see them in clubs these activists they are broke,” he continued. ”They are demonstrating for a lie…ungekaa chini usome finance bill ungerealize you are demonstrating a lie.”

Mutua paid a visit to Chief Inspector David Karuri Maina at Nairobi West Hospital on Thursday who lost both his arms in Nairobi’s CBD during Tuesday’s protests against the Finance Bill, 2024.

“My visit highlights the profound impact of the recent unrest on both the individuals involved and the broader community, underscoring the need for tolerance, unity and resilience in challenging times,” he said.

The Cabinet Secretary defended Kenyans’ right to protest but warned against protests motivated only by activity or misinformation.

In Nairobi, a tear gas canister exploded, badly injuring Maina and another cop.


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