Bernice Saroni, popularly known as “Mamake Boyz,” is a US-based Kenyan businesswoman, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and music promoter.

On a recent post on her Instagram page, the businesswoman advised women to look for money and stop falling in love.

“Wewe tafuta pesa achana na mapenzi juu even the married ones are still searching”Saroni stated



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Saroni’s work of  promoting Kenyan artists in the US through concert and event organizing is her most well-known accomplishment. She has almost ten years of experience in the field.

Bernice Saroni recently came to the limelight when it was alleged that she was hosting Kenyan Kikuyu musician and artist Samidoh real name Samido Muchoki.

The rumors circulated by the internet community resulted in some online turmoil and her becoming well-known on social media. She was also highlighted in regional publications and blogs.

The beginning of Bernice Saroni’s story occurred when, at the age of twelve, she migrated to the US to live with her US-citizen father.

On a previous interview with Oga Obinna, Saroni acknowledged that she had used US citizenship regulations to get US citizenship for each of her four children.

“When my mother died when I was twelve, I traveled to the United States. As a citizen, my father was residing in the United States. I arrived in the United States with a green card because he filed for me,” Saroni explained.

What set her narrative apart was her purposeful goal to have all four of her children born in the US, giving them automatic US citizenship.

She would go to the US when she was eight months pregnant, give birth there, then return to Kenya with her babies when they were two months old, even though her marriage was centered in Kenya.

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