Media personality, Cindy K shared lovely photos of her and her Boyfriend and well-known musician Bensoul vacationing in Dubai on her Instagram page with the caption, love this for you @bensoulmusic ❤️🤭🤣.

Her followers showed mixed reactions as some praised their love while others criticized them, especially Cindy for stealing her ex best friend’s man.

”Just as he sang! Nairobi!! He literally was your close friend’s man!! 😭” one said

”Chain chain😂” another said

”I don’t care what anyone says they look hot!❤️” a fan commented


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The couple left netizens talking during Raha Fest when Bensoul serenaded Cindy on stage.

The performance came to an end with Bensoul embracing Cindy and giving her bunch of roses.

Fans were stunned by the act; some absorbed the news quickly, while others were left perplexed.

For those who were taken aback by the turn of events, it makes sense as Cindy K is accustomed to celebrity romance. When Bensoul and Noni Gathoni dated, she was a close friend of the former.

It’s interesting to note that Cindy K’s former boyfriend, YouTuber Prince Newton, and Bensoul still close friends.

Cindy K broke up badly with NRG host Shaq The Yungin and then began an affair with Prince. Shaq and Prince Newton were once the best of friends.

Shaq said that Cindy K had cheated on him by seeing Prince Newton, a close companion.Although he is aware of Cindy K’s previous romantic misadventures, Bensoul stated that it does not make him any less in love with her.

In addition to venting to his critics, Bensoul disclosed that he and Cindy K have been dating for some time.“We’ve been going out for a long time. This is my girl and she’s amazing. No matter what anybody says, they don’t know the story. If you want to comment, comment, it’s not going to hurt us. It won’t affect our love,” says the singer.

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