First Daughter Charlene Ruto has visited victims of the anti-government protests in the hospital, admiiting it was very emotional after seeing their conditions.

The Youth champion shared on her X account her empathy to the young youths who found themselves as victims of chaos.

“It was a very emotional day visiting some young people and members of the public who found themselves as unfortunate victims of the chaos that surfaced in recent days,” Charlene shared.

The Blood ambassador acknowledged the medical fraternity and blood donors for their collective efforts in donating blood needed by the victims.

“I would like to thank @official_ktta, the medical fraternity including MedicsforKE, @kenyanbybloodfoundation, my fellow blood ambassadors and many other teams for collaboratively donating blood needed during this period,” she said.

Furthermore, Charlene added that Kenya needs to move forward through forgiving each other and uniting as one nation.

“I believe it’s time to reflect and heal as a nation as we search our deepest postures of patriotism, forgiveness and integrated as one people! God bless Kenya! WE ARE ONE!” She added.

Earlier, she had revealed to have considered comments made by netizens concerning her post asking feedback from the youth X space with the President.

“Taken time to go through and reflect on your comments from my last post where I requested for feedback and thoughts on #EngageThePresident. Thank you for sharing your insights. Much appreciated. Feedback has been shared.

She assured of having delivered the insights to the right recipient for consideration.

However, one X user questioned of her awareness in the killings and abductions of innocent Kenyans that are happening in the country.

“Don’t you know that innocent Kenyans were killed in protests? Are you not aware that Kenyans have been abducted and tortured…your father.. promised that there would be no more extra judicial killings under his watch? Why are you taking us for a ride? Just no that power is transient.” Agitated follower.

Even so, the first daughter was advised by the former Nairobi boss Mike Sonko to stay away from state affairs for she might make things worse for her father.

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