Socialite Vera Sidika is a travel baddie, known for her various luxurious escapades on private jets and five star hotel staycations.

Just few hours after gracing the Last Laugh event held at the carnivore grounds in honor of the late Fred Omondi, Vera has shocked many after sharing her sassy photos while in enjoying life in Egypt.

Although she travels a lot many didn’t expect the move from her .

“Rejecting finance bill while touring Egypt booked my trip through @ sn- travels and consults what’s your favorite slide ,” she captioned her photos, attracting a string of comments.


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Many referred to her as ‘mdosi’ they couldn’t wrap their heads around how quickly she flew out of the country.

“The true definition of a bad girl I though Jana ulikuwa carnivore kwa Eric Omondi brother’s farewell then Leo uko Egypt enyewe Wewe ni Mnoma ,” one fan commented .

Earlier this year vera stated that she she would not call any other place, besides Kenya, home.

According to her, not all that glitters is really gold. Adding that, no matter how many places she has been too she would not think of relocating from Kenya.

“You all do not know how good it is living in Africa. Travel often and see what is out there, you will appreciate being home,” the Real Housewives of Nairobi star candidly said amid chuckles.

“Would visit a million times but never relocate,” the mother of 2 candidly said.

Known for her love of vacations in glamorous cities, Vera Sidika embarked on an extended stay in Beverly Hills following her breakup with musician Brown Mauzo in August 2023.

Throughout her trip, Vera frequently updated her followers on social media, sharing glimpses of her lavish vacation.

In the same year, the socialite took a vacation to Dubai and shared updates about her activities away from her home and children.

During her trip, Vera went on a shopping spree, spending Ksh1.2 million on designer handbags and sunglasses.







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