Various Kenyan Celebrities like Mulamwah and Radio personality Maina Kageni have mobilized a section of people to help distribute food to the protestors.

Mulamwah had earlier stated on his instagram that he would offer free mandazis and tea during the protest against the finance bill happening today.

” Mandunya ziko ready, energy kwa wingi, tupatane CBD, usipofika unatuangusha sana. Let’s fight as a unit” he wrote

Maina Kageni on the other hand brought in boxes of sausages and announced on his Instagram page that lunch was on him.

” Smocha zimefika CBD…if you see these guys, please have something to eat on me…Kenya is ours..” Maina wrote.

Jamia mosque also announced that they were offering free lunch to the protestors at 2pm outside the mosque as well as medical support to the injured people.

Crazy Kennar also joined protestants and gave them free water during protests against the finance bill.

Some of his followers praised his move and many other moves that showed solidarity with the protestors, saying that some Kenyans like Shorn Arwa and Crazy Kennar who left the countries they are living in currently just to join Kenyans in protesting is commendable.

”I swear it’s so nice to see Kenyans coming together like this, you know Kenyans coming from their places of fun all over the world and leaving their businesses you know to come just to support their own.”

”This should not be taken lightly, we are preaching One Kenya One Voice One People…Shorn Arwa just you know postponed her flight to support us to reject the finance bill.”

”Kenyans who can’t be here with us are also rejecting from wherever they are, in the United States and other countries in Florida Miami people are rejecting from everywhere, crazy Kennar just come from South Africa to come and support Kenyans this is massive this is nice reject!!!! Keep rejecting” she wrote

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