Socialite Shakilla Tifanny threatened to take legal action against Canadian-based Kenyan content creator Vincent Mboya.

This is after he claimed that Shakilla has slept with 428 men adding that he wouldn’t mind being the 429th one and even referring to her as ‘street food’. Mboya expressed interest in Shakira after she announced that she is single and that no one should claim that she belongs to them.

“Dear Shakilla I see you single, guess who’s single too. Am young rich and famous. Kindly lemme know where you at I come for you Asap. Am currently flying out of Canada for business meetings but I can pass by where you at when I am done, I spoil you sakamoniously. It is been a while since I ate street food and I don’t mind going back,” he said in one post.

In another he wrote, “Someone told me you have been with 428 men but honestly I don’t mind being the 429th man. Another thing you are fit for me because you have experience with men both locally an internationally. Shakie Baby.”

Shakilla was unpleased by the remarks hinting that she will sue him for defamation

“When that defamation lawsuit hits you don’t tell your fans to fundraise for your ****,” she shared accompanied by Mboya’s photo

“Mboya will be an example to the rest. You can’t be putting your stinking mouth in everyone’s business to revive your dead career. Una papa,” she further wrote

Mboya is however not shaken by the looming lawsuit. He has since brushed it off saying he has a lawyer.

“But guys kwani makosa yangu iko wapi. Kwani kumiss street food kama mahindi choma ni dhambi. Uzuri niko na lawyer,” he reacted.

He also vowed to continue pursuing women until he finds a perfect match.

“Am single again. I will never stop trying my luck with single ladies till the day I will find my perfect match. Aluta continua,” Mboya said.

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