Boniface Mwangi, a prominent activist in Kenya, has taken action after the Finance Bill sailed through to second reading, and after some of the protestors were injured and killed by the police.

The People’s watchman shared a #TotalShutdownKenya with 7 days action points saying ‘We’re marching on…’

On a post in his Instagram account, Mwangi shared plans that has to be taken for the next seven days after the Thursday’s demonstrations.

“Despite our collective cry rejecting the Finance Bill 2024, Parliament gave Zakayo the right to do wrong to 54 million Kenyans. We reject the Finance Bill in its entirety. And despite our peaceful protests, police have responded with bullets, killing two of our own, maiming many others and one person is in critical condition. We refuse to be silenced, so we’re marching on…” Mwangi shared.

Mwangi condemned police killings that happened to protestors on Thursday arguing that the protests were peaceful but the police ‘responded with bullets.’

The Photojournalist highlighted a list of events that are going to take place from Friday, 21st June to Thursday, 27th June.

He said they will be attending Juma prayers at Jumia Mosque on Friday, 21st June. There will be water for those who will be present at the prayers.

Mwangi ordered the bars and night clubs where Gen Z frequent to stop music and listen to a ‘national crescendo of Ruto must go’ on Saturday 22nd June.

According to the activists, all the churches should not allow any politician who voted ‘Yes’ to speak in the church on Sunday, 23rd June.

Courtesy call on Monday, 24th June be made to offices of all MPs who voted ‘Yes’ and tell them “Endelea hivyo hivyo!” The process of recalling them to start on the same day.

The post asks for a nationwide strike with the #OccupyParliament and Total Shutdown Kenya. It calls on parents to keep their children at home and that the workers to have a day off on Tuesday 25th June.

Justice for Rex, a protestant who was killed by a police officer during demonstrations will happen on Wednesday 26th June. There will be a visit to IPOA and the IG demanding for justice.

On Thursday, 27th June, Mwangi, through the post asks Kenyans to block all main roads leading to Nairobi City. Adds that they should #OccupyStateHouse to witness the signing of the controversial Finance Bill.


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The Finance Bill waits for the committee stage, report stage, and third reading respectively before it moves to the presidential stage for signing.

Boniface Mwangi has faced multiple arrests fighting for the rights of Kenyans. He has been through difficult upbringing marked by economic hardships but has become a prominent figure in modern-day activism in Kenya.

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