The arbantone musicians are mourning the loss of media personality, Jahmby Koikai, known affectionately as Fayah Mumah, who passed away after a long and courageous battle with endometriosis.

In a heartfelt tribute, artists Tipsy Gee and Ebola Mkuu have released a new song, “To Koikai,” celebrating her life and legacy.

Jahmby Koikai, a prominent radio personality and TV show host, was receiving treatment at Nairobi Hospital at the time of her passing.

She is known for her unwavering spirit and dedication to her work, Koikai inspired many with her strength and perseverance.

In the song “To Koikai,”  Tipsy Gee and Ebola Mkuu honor the fallen warrior with powerful lyrics that capture her essence and the impact she had on those around her.

Tipsy Gee’s verse, he praises Koikai’s resilience and hard work. He goes on saying that true strength is not measured by physical might but by determination and hustle. He sings,

“The strength of a woman si size ya muscle, ni vile anajituma, daily anapiga yake hustle. Si mtumwa anakula yake jasho, hakuna Kubaki nyuma mbele anatupa macho.”

In his farewell, Tipsy Gee bids Koikai goodbye, expressing hope for their reunion.

“Koikai, Jah Jah akuweke fine, tutapatana tena ikifika yetu time, so fly ukasalamie Christ, itafika time wanare tutarewind.”

Ebola Mkuu, in his tribute, acknowledges Koikai’s influence and strength as a pioneer and a role model in the reggae scene. He sang about her impact,

“Lazima ningeandika juu ya Fayah Mumah. Amekuwa mama hizo enzi nikitarmac, super Fem C kwa reggae hyo ni blander na bado number one ilikuwa yake number kujituma ndio ilifanya akasimama.”

He also shares his grief over her passing, “For real umenihurt kuskia umehama. But nko sure huko juu ndio umehama.”

The song “To Koikai” not only serves as a tribute to Jahmby Koikai’s life and achievements but also it is a testimony to her lasting legacy in the media and music industries.

She left an everlasting mark, inspiring countless individuals with her strength, talent, and unwavering spirit. Her memory lives on through the heartfelt lyrics of Tipsy Gee and Ebola Mkuu, ensuring that her story will continue to inspire others

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