Rose Atieno aka Nanny Rosie went viral late last year after an emotional goodbye at the airport to her employers and the children she was taking care of.

After several days ant home and landing several brand endorsements, Rosie returned to Lebanon in January this year to continue taking care of Maria and Cataleya, the 3-year old twins that she has been looking after since they were only four months old.

Recently, in a YouTube video, her employer, the mother of Maria and Cataleya revealed that Rosie was leaving them for good. They organized a surprise for her, thanking her for the time she has been with them and everything that she had done for the family.

When time to say goodbye finally arrived, Rosie, was armed with a suitcase, and this round, the twins, their siblings and their parents seemingly didn’t accompany her to the airport.

However, emotions ran down the minors as they said goodbye.

“Rosie asked me to send her home, and I directly booked her a ticket as I told her before, she is a guest with us. She missed her kids and just went home forever don’t judge us, and you can ask her yourself; she is never coming back, so no pressure,” Maria and Cataleya’s mother said.

Barely days after the video, Rosie has taken to TikTok to address her departure from the Arabic country, saying she arrived the decision due to personal reasons, which she would soon share with her fans.

“To my extreme family, friends, supporters, I want to officially let you know that I left Lebanon and resigned as a personal nanny to Mariah and Cataleya due to one or two personal reason,” she said, accompanied by a video of her saying goodbye to her employers.

She acknowledged that she will miss the twins just as they will miss her, having been her biggest fans and friends.

“I know I might have disappointed them, maybe they thought I will be with them forever but I think this is the time to say goodbye,” she said.

On her next move, Rosie said that she will be moving back to Kenya, her motherland.

“To you my loyal fans, I will be posting on the reasons why I left or made the decision that I made,” she said.

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