Khalif Kairo, CEO of Kai and Karo and a prominent protester against the finance bill has advised the Gen Z to stop claiming they have no leader.

Khalif, who has been vocal in the past few weeks on the reject finance movement, points out that no movement in history lacked a leader, adding that the involved forces fighting against the Gen Z want them to be leaderless to prevent them from achieving anything.

“I won’t talk much lakini remember , wanataka mkue leaderless ndo pia msiachieve chochote .There is no single organization in history of mankind that has achieved anything by being ‘leaderless’. Even monkeys have committees please think emotions Kando,” he stated.

On Wednesday khalif stated that he won’t be involving himself in any other protests since the bill was withdrawn by the president stating that he didn’t see the meaning of Thursday last week, intended to Occupy Statehouse.

Having been on the front line, even during incidents involving live bullets on Parliament Road, Khalif stated he has compelling reasons for his decision to skip the protests.

He cautioned that a second march to State House could have serious repercussions and that pushing for the president’s resignation could lead to economic instability.

The businessman suggested waiting for about a month to see if the president keeps his word, and only then considering further protests.

He called for a pause In protests to allow the government room for dialogue, a move that landed him on the wrong side people, who demanded him to keep his opinions to himself because he wasn’t their leader and they didn’t see why they should be taking orders from him in the first place .

On Friday a section of unknown people gave a speech on national television claiming to be the leaders of gen z who proceeded to ask the gen z to maintain peace as they join the president to talk about issues affecting the youths.

The move caused an uproar on social media even identifying one of the guys as a close alley to the president who was spotted in various events led by the president during the campaign period, concluding that this might be a move by the government to divide and rule over the gen z

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