Actress Jackie Matubia has gotten candid about her life, sharing her childhood, career life life, her first marriage and even her relationship with Blessing Lungaho, the father of her second born.

According to her, she amicably separated with her first husband after 7 years of marriage, after realising that their marriage was no longer working out. They rekindled their relationship during the corona period and nearly after a year of staying together, it was no longer working out again.

The two chose to go separate ways, with Matubia moving on and fell in love with a fellow actor Blessing Lungaho, while they were filming Zora.

“When I was in Zora, I fell in love with the man. During that period we moved in together and I got pregnant again. At that particular point, Zendaya’s pregnancy caught me off guard. But then I looked at myself again and said, Zari, Zendaya, this is a very strong, well equipped Jackie Matubia, I can not be unable to raise this child. If God wished I be a single mother and raise Zendaya all by myself, I am still doing it am still pushing.

“Life ilienda vile ilienda, the man left, me and my child we stayed and we have been pushing through,” she opened up in a video shared on her YouTube channel.

Jackie revealed that news about their separation broke nearly a year after they parted ways, reopening wounds that had already healed.

“Another dark moment for me was 2023 when now people are talking about your relationship. By the time people are knowing that the person and me have broken up, people think it is fresh. No, it had stayed almost 9 months going to a year,” the mother of two said.

“This monster that I thought I hid from people comes out,” she went on, adding that people claimed she was the problem, having been parted ways with two men and being left with two children with different fathers.

“You guys rained on me, you came fire blazing. Kenyans projected their insecurities, they can not imagine a strong woman deciding to choose her kids over a man, she must be the problem. It was a dark moment because the people I thought were my friends showed their true colours,” she said.

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