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Renown media personality Kamene Goro has shared a piece of advice to women looking forward to settling down in future.

During a recent conversation on her YouTube channe;, Kamene said that the end goal is to find a life partner and therefore they shouldn’t just fall for anybody they come across.

“Don’t fall for these ninjas out here ati any Tom dick and harry, you wanna find your homeboy .that guy you’ve been putting in the friendzone is probably going to be person you’re gonna spend the rest of your life with, I’m just saying,”Kamene Goro said.

Reflecting on her one year marriage to DJ Bonez, Kamene said they are still on the experimental stage and they would walk through it a day at   a time.

“I have been married for like a year. I always felt like maybe there’ll be a kadifferent feeling in that marriage space, not really its just like some long drawn dating, I think maybe is because we don’t stop dating each other, we have also become more friends which is something that you should look for,” she said.

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On April 20th, 2023, Kamene Goro and her partner Dj Bonez wedded  in a private ceremony. The couple tied the knot in an intimate ceremony attended only by close friends and family. Among the notable people present were DJ Kaytrixx, Obinna and Jalang’o.

The radio queen previously admitted in a tweet that she disliked her husband before they even dated.

“We became official two years ago. We knew each other six or seven years ago. We weren’t talking. We did not like each other at all. We started with beef! It was a mad beef. He used to say I am a ratchet,” she said.

The couple celebrated their two-year anniversary  in January 2023.

The radio personality commented, “Two years down, anniversary loading” beside a sweet picture of herself and DJ Bonez kissing on social media.

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