City Preacher and Life coach Robert Burale has echoed concerns about the church’s silence on the controversial Finance Bill 2024.

Burale’s statements comes when there have been heated protests in the country since Tuesday, compelling MPs to reject the Bill.

In a video on his social media platforms, Burale did not mince his words when addressing the matter. He asked religious leaders to take a clear stance.

“A lot is happening in the country, and it’s obvious that the church is too silent,” Burale stated.

Burale talked about the church deciding to which matters they can speak and remaining silent on other issues that don’t touch them. He emphasized the importance of transparency irrespective of political affiliation.

“I know it’s a topic that many may not want to talk about. We like whispering and tiptoeing on matters church, but we are appearing as if we pick when it suits us,” he added.

“It doesn’t matter which side of the political divide you support, but time has come, I believe, that we say boldly are we pro or against the finance bill. I do urge every pastor; it doesn’t matter who you support,” reiterated Burale.

He also asked the church leaders to separate politics and pulpits, pointing up the need for religious sanctity.

“You should not allow our politicians to mount our pulpits during the Sunday Service,” he asserted.

This stand aims at preserving religious integrity amidst growing political tensions.

While some religious leaders have voiced on the potential burdens the Finance Bill 2024 could impose to Kenyans, most of them have remained silent on the ongoing protests.

Anglican Church of Kenya Archbishop Jackson Ole Sapit earlier during public participation warned of dire consequences if the bill passes.

He cited potential job losses, increased unemployment rates, and a higher cost of living as critical concerns.

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