President William Ruto has ordered the postponed of the reopening of schools due to the ongoing unfavourable weather conditions.

In his address to the nation on Friday afternoon, the head of state said the reopening of school has been suspended until further notice.

“The Ministry of Education is directed to postpone the dates of reopening of all schools in the country for the second term until further notice,” Ruto said.

According to him, the ongoing floods has so far claimed 210 lives, injured many more and caused massive destruction of property.

He also spoke about the impeding Cyclone Hidaya, which is believed would cause torrential rains and strong winds.

“This cyclone would hit any time and it is predicted to cause torrential rains, powerful winds and powerful and dangerous waves which could potential disrupt marine activities  in the Indian Ocean and settlement along the Kenyan Coast,” he said.

Ruto went ahead to mention steps that the government has in a bid to save lives and property in the current situation and they include;

  • The government has mapped out 178 dams and water reservoirs situated between public and private land which are already full and present eminent danger to adjacent settlements
  • Areas prone to land slides and mudslides  have identified as high risk areas from which the adjacent settlements have to be evacuated
  • Relocation notices have issued to all persons living in unplanned settlements within riparian reserves along rivers, streams and other water courses.

The president also stated that relief food will be distributed among the affected communities in conjunction with the ministry of agriculture as instructed by the national government.

Referring from the metro logical report the president informed the nation that the current rainfall are set to intensify this month with the possibility of the nation experiencing rainfall till the end of the month unless otherwise.

He urges the general public especially those living in riparian lands to adhere to instructions if they are informed to relocate and move to secluded lands set aside for them by the government with the help of KDF and the police.

Below is a video on the president’s full address






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